Det här är min familj och min släkt


Släkten Resare Från Nykroppa

Vi kommer från Nykroppa i Värmland som ligger cirka 70 kilometer norr om Karlstad och mitt emellan Storfors och Filipstad. Det vill säga mitt i bland dom blå sjöarna och dom gröna böljande höjderna. Dom flesta av oss är arbetare av något slag till exemel: bönder, fabriks, social eller skogsarbetare. Nu har jag säkert missat en massa yrken, men hur som helst är vi en strävsam släkt som alltid har levt av vad skogen och marken har att erbjuda. Jag har redan sen barnsben fått lära mig att acceptera saker och ting för vad dom är och att det gäller att anpassa sig och härda ut. Detta arv har hjälp mig många gånger när livet varit tufft ute på stigar, på berg eller på cykelsadeln.

My Family and my kin.
We come in from Nykroppa in Värmland located approx 70 km north 
of Karlstad and just between Storfors and Filipstad. That is in 
the midst of them blue lakesand green rolling hills. Most of us 
are workers of any kind eg farmers, factory, social or forestry 
workers. Now I have missed a lot of professions, but anyway, 
we are a hardworking family who have always lived by what the 
forest and the land has to offer. I have already since childhood 
have learned to accept things for what they are and that we have 
to adapt and persevere. This legacy has 
helped me many times when life was tough out on the trails, in the
mountains or on the bicycle.

Thank you dear friends and family for a nice day!
Tack kära släkt och familj för en trevlig dag!
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Race report from Tierra artic ultra 2015

IMG_20150804_192219I’m gonna start from the beginning. We started driving towards Kiruna Tuesday 4/8 around 15.00 hrs. Since the distance between Karlstad and the destination 1500 km and above the artic circle. We figured that the trip at least would take 25-27 hrs.

The roadside meal kit

The roadside meal kit

So we took the E4 along  the coast up to Kiruna we drove all night accept for short stops to eat, fill up the car and stretch the old legs. Around 16.00 hrs on Wednesday the 5/8 we arrived in Kiruna and checked in to Camp Ripan. Witch was the official place to stay. We mounted the tent and tried to survive the massive mosquito attack. Finally we got some food, a shower and it was time to hit the sack. The check in for the race was located just a couple of hundred meters from the camp and opened 12.00 hrs on Thursday the 5/8.

The mandatory kit

The mandatory kit

Out side the check in, headed for Nikkaloukta.

On Tierra Artic Ultra you need to  check in everything and mark it up with the bib number. Since it a self supported race 120 km long 2500 m+. It’s  a lot of stuff. Everything that one bring out on the should be brought back. If a race marshal find something you “dropped,  will  get you disqualified. As soon as I was finished at the check in counter we headed to the the starting point in Nikkaloukta. We found an awesome free camping spot not far from the start with a toilet and everything.  Suddenly  I came to the insight that 8 month of preparations have been coming to it’s end and tomorrow at 06.00 hrs the starting gun will fire. Surprisingly I slept good that night and the alarm was set to 04.00 hrs. The breakfast was the same as I always: melon, ham, butter, coconut oil, coffee and big bucket of mineral soup. I wasn’t nervous at all, I felt calm and relaxed. So we took off to the start and here I have series of events the bugged me for a while. I took out my Gopro to take some pictures and it had an unloaded battery. OK it’s not a big deal so I gave it to Erika. So I tried to start my GPS-watch and that one to was ALSO unloaded. That bugged me even more…. and BAM the start pistol fired and we where off! I’m very addicted to my watch and try to follow my plan as much as possible so what to do now. I came to think of my handheld GPS and tried to connect the puls censor to it. Because it got ANT+, but I didn’t get it to work, so fuck this I said to my self lets go oldschool. The first 20 km to kebnekaise fjällstation is very easy to run, with nice trail and not to much stones. I passed some runners up to the station and got passed my self a couple of times. My brake at this check point was very short. I just corrected my gear and clothes and took some painkillers for my hamstring. Then I took off for check point Singi cabins. Singi cabinsIt was still easy running with some up’s and downhills and river crossings. I got company with to nice female runners that made my day a little better. It’s always nice with company. In Singi I planned to eat the first real meal, but I wasn’t that hungry so I figured that I go to checkpoint Sälka and eat properly there instead. So in with the Ultragel, off I go. Now it was more uphill than downhill. My right big toe had a hot spot and I had felt it for a while. So when I came to Sälka I took a look at it, but it didn’t look that bad. I put some tape on it and seemed to be working. I took out my small kitchen and made my noodels with soy protein. It tasted havenly. Now I was getting close to the toughest part of the race the Tjätka pass so in with more Winforce Ultragel and a booster.

The Tjätka pass

The Tjätka pass

Night running

Night running

My foot before I hit the Shower.

I really felt confident when the climb up Tjätka pass started and luckily my handheld could show me the way because the trail markings were very few here. When one stand on the top of this pass you see many km ahead and what you see is a giant stone field and a glacier river to pass. It’s easy to start to look for a better way. I say runners taking a very long d-tours, but I choose to face the stone field. This was a real foot killer, the hot spot became a hot toe and so on. At the next checkpoint I took another look at my toe and now it look awful. I changed the tape tried to contain the injury. When I started to run i could feel how the injury grew and grew. So I decided not to think about it any more, that worked better than tape. The dark was approaching and it was time to turn on the headlight. I pushed on in the dark and saw other runners in the distance and I felt so good. I had lots of energy, not to much pain. Everything was sustainable. Just before checkpoint Kieron it was this gigantic downhill witch I pushed really good, because I sensed that the finish was near. At the checkpoint I looked at the handheld GPS and it says 7 km. So I said to the race marshal that I’m gonna go hard the last 7 km and she answered: It’s not 7, it’s 17 Km to go! AT this point my relentlessness just disappear. My feet and everything started to hurt uncontrollably. So I decided to try to fix my feet so I could push thru to the finish. I took off my shoe and I could pour blood out of the shoe, took away  the old tape and clean up the foot the best I could. When I started to move again I was in a really bad place it was like a living Nightmare. I counted the trail marking to stay awake. I bribed my self by saying to my self: Just one more trail marking then you can rest! When I got close to Abisko I phoned Erika to meet me and she walk with me the last 1500 meter to the finish. I think the last 17 km took me 4 hrs to do. The Final time was 27,5 hrs.

The lovely medal and finisher T-shirt!

The lovely medal and finisher T-shirt!

This is a fantastic race and if you want an experience above everything I recommend this. I’m gonna sign up for next years race again. I Would like to thank My  Erika for all your patience and all the love have give thru this year. Magnus Hallblom and his Company CAOUT for the support with the Winforce products. Peo Johansson and Magazinet Sport for all the good deals and all the awesome advises. Finally Thank you Tierra Artic Ultra organisation for a fantastic race. See you next year!

Happy trails!


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Beer as recovery?

I was watching a movie on XS -NRG Ultra. A documentary about  four ultra marathon runners attempt to conquer the 180 km Sunshine Coast Trail on the West Coast of British Columbia, non-stop. These guys are shoving down Pizza, Hamburgers and beers like crazy on their running breaks. I began to wonder what I have been missing out on in all these years? So I tried a beer with 2,8 Vol% after a workout and beside it’s heavenly taste I didn’t notice any bigger difference. I didn’t recover any slower compared to what I normally did. I Keep on drinking my beer after workouts and recovered better and better. And one day was standing on the scale and realized that I gained 5 kilos in a month! Just kidding…….have not gain any weight. In fact I lost some weight, but i’m not sure it got anything to do with the beer. I run  between 60 – 100 Km’s a week, in 5 days and have 2 recovery days. On the recovery days I try to sleep, eat and drink as much as possible. I hardly get out of the couch except for getting more food, drink or go to the bathroom. This what happened to my recovery days  since I started with the beer drinking after workouts. Is that don’t have to eat or sleep as much. I tried to go back to my normal non beer recovery routine, but I felt that I didn’t recover as good. I went back to the beer routine again and have kept it up for 2 month now. I have tried to find something scientific like an article or anything, but I haven’t found anything trustworthy. Only stories why it’s not good for you. This is my experience on beer as recovery drink and I don’t recommend it or say it better for you. This is how it worked for me and how liked it. If you have an opinion in this delightful matter, please comment and tell me about it!

Happy trails!

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Planning is everything

Yesterday it was time for the 37th edition of Asics Stockholm Marathon and my first time in the race. Pre_ASMBefore the race I didn’t feel nervous at all. In Fact I felt super calm, well rested and very motivated. When I was doing my warm up routine I felt even lighter so I was thinking of changing my race plan, but i’ man of routine. So I said to my self NO! My plan was to run in 7.00 Minutes/ Kilometer pace. That’s a nice tempo for a runner which aiming for ultra distances. If I felt for it the plan was to step the pace up 6.30 after 21 Kilometer’s.

So the race started and because of the crowd the pace dropped to 8 minutes and my heartrate was below 70% of max. I spotted an opening in the crowed and took of and it was so easy to run I was flying 5 K flew by, 10, 15 and no thoughts of slowing down. At 20 K the reality started to tap on my forehead and said follow the plan you going to hard! I dropped the pace to 6.40-6.50, but it was hard to keep up my average. So I have to drop some more. Unfortunately did they serve the only sports drink my stomach can’t take so when my own Winforce Isotone was finished I had to start to drink the official one and clogged up my system immediately. The last 13 K’s came to be a some of digging, but I came to the finish line. Not as fast as i hoped for, but I got there.FinT_ASM  So whats the lesson here? If I have followed my plan on the pace 7.00 Minutes/ Kilometer’s: the final time have been around 4.40 hrs, trip have been better, a more mindful experience, probably my own brought sports nutrition from Winforce would have been enough. So next race i’m gonna follow my plan. Asics Stockholm Marathon was this years first race for me, next up is “Karlstads stadslopp” 13/6 a 10 Km’s race in my hometown. Then the next longer race is on 27/6 “Silverleden på en dag” (Silver trail on a day) 64 Km’s. This afternoon i’m gonna go for a jogg/ walk to loosen up my sore muscles.

Have a nice day and happy trails!


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Race ready

racereadyOn Saturday Maj 30, 12.00 hrs it’s time for this years first race. Asics stockholm Marathon 2015 and its going to be awesome! It’s my first time on this particular race but i’m used to the distance. I plan to run with the full Tierra Artic Ultra’s mandatory equipment with a weight around 6-8 kg. Maybe I skip the poles it’s a lot of people around and I dont want to hurt anyone. I have been resting since Monday this week so I feel totally recovered and a bit overloaded.  I’m sure it will be even better tomorrow. Like I said in an earlier post I don’t want to reveal my time goal, so I will tell you after the race if fulfilled it or not.  I will also like to remind you all of that i’m looking for a running partner. So take a look at this link.

Happy trails!


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Rest into shape

Yesterday was the last workout before Asics Stockholm Marathon 2015.

I Feel a little out of shape because of the high milage this spring, so I gonna take the week off from training. I’m guessing that a rest will take care of it and get me into shape. On the workout yesterday me and me life partner Erika went off to a Place called Sveafallen, Degerfors. Which offers beautiful trails, very steep and technical so they suits me well. The last Ice Age have formed big holes in the mountains at this place and they are called “Giant pots”. The folklore believes that the giants were eating there. Awesome place it’s worth the trip from anywhere. I will keep you update how the form is progressing this week. For all of you  lucky ones wich can enjoy the trails and roads this week. Happy trails!

// Magnus


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Post longrun and pre Stockholm marathon feelings

Me and my plesant company

Me and the doctor

Last saturday I did the longest run in my life. It felt so good to know that when I passed the marathon mark, which was my previous milestone. I enjoyed the feeling that I still have alot of running to do. Especially knowing that I was still able to go on.  It have been in my mind since I reached my goal. The last 14 weeks I have running an average on 60 km/ week in order to prepare for Tierra Artic ultra. The first 30 Km’s I had a friend accompany Blisterme. She’s a doctor and that was very fortunate for me because I got me record big blister on my left little toe. Luckley she could help with it. I have tried a lot of different shoes this spring.  Icebugs, Solomon, Hoka oneone and can’t say that I have a favorite frykenyet. I love the Hokas but I also love the Salomons they have different advantages, but more on that subject another time. However I have been full of mixed emotions this week one second i’m filled with joy of  my achievements and the next second I feel like I’m never gonna to be able to run another step ever again. I eat  twice as much as I normally do. Yesterday I was out on a 12 Km’s run I have to struggle to keep the pace on 6 min/ Km. Im guessing it’s related to my last long run, because I feel fine otherwise. So now Im resting my self into perfect form. In 8 days it’s time for 2015 Stockholm marathon. I plan to do it in full Tierra gear 6 Kg of backpack plus the poles. startbevisI hope I will be fully recovered by then, but Im sure I am. It’s going to be really fun to run among so much people as a race like Stockholm Marathon attractsUphillTrail. My normal runs are by my lonesome or just one or to more people. My aim is to finish, I also have a time goal but i’m gonna keep it to myself. Because I dont wanna put any extra pressure on me at this time. If you are interested of following my progress thru the race my starting number is: 21916. At last I have to tell you all that we had a fantastic weather here yesterday!
Happy Trails!
// Magnus

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